Nano Proofing has been committed to providing a full range of waterproof/corrosion protection for consumer electronics/semiconductor packaging/medical electronics/automotive electronics/military aerospace industries. Is based on research and development of high-tech enterprises. Nano Proofing's unique Patron nano-waterproof technology provides users with electronic products in the complex /full real-time environment of water/corrosion protection.

Nano Proofing as a waterproof overall solution provider, we provide users from the equipment, process to large-scale production of a complete solution. The establishment of a sound laboratory and technical services team; quickly respond to the needs of users to provide users with first-class service support.

Nano Proofing is the world's leading provider of comprehensive waterproof solutions for electronic products with an experienced and creative R & D team. Our R & D team has a wealth of equipment and process development experience, the development of equipment and technology has been in the semiconductor industry and the packaging industry has been rigorously verified. At the same time the company attaches great importance to the protection of core technologies, the establishment of three-dimensional network of intellectual property protection.

Nano Proofing adhere to customer demand-oriented, technology research and development as the source, serving the user as the driving force, to provide users with excellent overall waterproof / anti-corrosion solutions, to end customers feel at ease with the use of feelings.